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Mazda Minagi Concept On Its Way To Geneva

Mazda Minagi Concept On Its Way To Geneva

Mazda Minagi Concept On Its Way To Geneva

Mazda has release the official details of their new Minagi Concept. This sleek CUV isintended to give its users a little taste of exactly, as Mazda’s design is aiming to the near future as well as what it show off in the company’s new Skyactiv drivetrain technologies. However, Mazda is still hiding any description on what is under that sculpted hood. They only mentioned that Minagi will get its power from the Skyactiv engine and puts it to the ground with the Skyactiv transmission.

Beside those fuel saving components, Mazda also claims that Minagi will also use a host of weight-saving tricks to boost the fuel economy. The concept will wears the new Mazda design them which is called Kodo, or soul of motion. If you see the renderings, it will look full galaxy ahead of the all smiles design that the Japanes automaker is currently employing.

It will be very exciting to wait for the Geneva Motor Show and see what will this Minagi bring. The event is being held from March 1-13, 2011. The concept car is said to be the forerunner to the launch of Mazda’s next generation products and is a symbol that Mazda has starting a new era.

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Lexus and Toyota Show Off At Tokyo Auto Salon

Lexus and Toyota Show Off At Tokyo Auto Show

You have seen the Toyota GRMN iQ Racing concept that we were talked before, and now is the time to divert your attention to the rest of the Japanese automaker’s wares at the Tokyo Auto Salon.


The first of the line upis the Toyota Prius G Sports Concept, It features the kind of gaping maw only the Mama Cylon could love. Beside the new Prius, Toyota also offering the TRD Auris GT Concept which looks a little bit similar with its subdued body kit and blindingly bright yellow paint I think.


Now let’s change to another carmaker, Lexus. They weren’t left out of the proceedings either, and their machines are in fact more interesting than what its mothership has. There is the F-Sport CT 200h which is a future production model, taking the center stage with the unique alloy wheels, Recaro seats, and body kit. It is joined by the IS F Club Circuit Sports Racer and some set of Club Performance Accessories for the IS Fincluding the front and rear spoilers as well as a carbon fiber hood. Lastly, there is the Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA. This is a sports car that raced at last year’s Nurburgring 25 Hours race.

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2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Caught on Camera

2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe Caught on Camera

It is not a common thing where an automaker unveil a convertible before the coupe counterpart, but that is what BMW has done with their next generation of 6 Series. The droptop has made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, while the hardtop sixer will be soon rolled out within the coming months. Spies from Autoblog have just managed to capture the new coupe out in public.

The design of the 6 Series Coupe is actually a big surprise. The fixed roof version of the attractive new cabriolet takes inspiration from the Concept 6 Series Coupe which was debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. Some of the concept’s finer point such as the large wheels and large lower air intakes have been softened in the production, and the only thing left is the sleek evolution of the Coupe’s design.

The powertrains might be unchanged from the convertible version. It means with a twin turbocharged V8 which has 400 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque will be under the hood of 650i coupe, mated with a choice of six speed manuar or eight speed automatictransmissions. However there is still no word about it, but I think itwill be unveiled at the Geneva show in March.

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Volkswagens U.S. Boss Wants Scirocco There

Volkswagens U.S. Boss Wants Scirocco There

Whenever someone brings the Scirocco, we will remember a bit fact that the United States was snubbed from the car’s second coming. But don’t worry as you are not alone who feel it. According to the USA Today, Volkswagen’s America head honcho, Jonathan Browning, wouldn’t mind to see the low slung three door on the store.

Browning said that while Volkswagen was unable to create a solid business case when bringing the Scirocco for the U.S. market the last time around, he admit that he still wants to see the car in the neck of the woods. However, he might have to wait for a few years before it going to happens. Browning also said that there were some other more pressing items on his plate at the time being.

Those pressing items are including improve his company’s quality and make the dealer experience more tolerable. Those sounds like such a noble goals, but we still wouldn’t mind to see the Scirocco on the American dealer anytime sooner rather than later. I also think that Golf GTI is as loveable as the Volkswagen Scirocco, but there is something about Scirocco that flips all the right switches.

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Ford F-150 SVT At Dakar Rally

Ford F-150 SVT At Dakar Rally

Ford F-250 SVT Raptor is proving itself that they can do whatever the driver want, and whenever it needs. A journalist Sue Mead and a racer Darren Skilton has managod to drive the largely stock version of the desert raiding pickup through the whole 12 stages of Dakar Rally this year. They survived 16 days and covered over 11,800 miles in the most brutal terrain in South American continent. It net the Raptor in 40th place overall and first place in the OP class.

In fact, Mead and Skilton were the only contestants who finish the OP class, when a big name like Robbie Gordon was failed. That marks the first time an American crew has even managed to take a class win in the Dakar Rally’s history. Overall, Volkswagen took the three top spots in the 2011 Dakar Rally, while BMW filled the remaining spots in the top five.

The F-150 Raptor that Mead and Skilton ride has the same 5.4 liter V8 that rolled of the production line with, though it use a larger cooling system to handle the temperatures of the terrain. The pickup was also equipped with some other race capable bits including a new locker system, robust shocks, springs, and tires.

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