Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hairstyle by wallace barrett

2010 Mariska Hargitay short hairstyle

This is a very lovely short hairstyle on Mariska Hargitay which shows that short hair looks just as great as other lengths. The short hairstyle combines flattering highlights with an off center sweep to one side.


Her short hair is tapered close to the sides and back and brings out the cheeks. The sweep of the short hair over the forehead adds some softening for those who need it. The hairstyle is great for softer jawlines and higher cheekbones.

2010 trendy updo hairstyle – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has some trendy hairstyle including some long flowing hairstyles. Here she wears her hair in an updo tied back above the nape. The hair is styled back and intertwined at the back with some loose strands sticking out.


The front of the hairstyle is very well done as well and women should understand that it is majorly the front that stands out and really creates the look.


Here Jessica Alba adds some movement to the hair in an off center part. The hair is styled so not to look flat and gently glided to the side and then back to be tied up. The loose strands really help create an allure to this updo. This updo hairstyle really opens up the facial area as well.


2010 Jessica Alba updo hairstyle

Anyone looking for a very cute updo hairstyle that opens up the facial area and that can be styled in many different ways, then this is the perfect one. Jessica Alba does a perfect job with this trendy hairstyle here that looks ultra adorable and really shows off her feminine facial features.


The braiding of the hair to the forefront and the additional hairband form a good mesh. The look can change dramatically for worse as with her appearance at the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The key is to keep it simple enough to be able to wear on just a plain day. Not recommended for stronger facial features that stand out but many ladies should love this look.

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